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Posted on mei 20, 2017 in Blog

Review test album

I always find it great fun when I get approached asking for a test album. A sign that I am good "findable" on Google I think.

As you probably all know, I've had quite a few Picture Book Designer and photo books are allowed to create in very different price ranges. I am also critical, so I will write here a fair review on the quality of the album and the use of the software. This time I have a photo album made for the "photo factory". Be the first to notice that they and of course I want the 5th time in a row chosen to best photo album price/quality, congratulations! As the first website, which also looks very fresh and cared for here. What a choice of articles! Also useful is the "chat", you can ask questions directly with the photo factory. That I find very important, communication with customers! Take a look at this page.

Create photo album

Then the choice to the book, also a huge choice, spiral books, hard cover-soft cover books, luxury books. I've chosen a hard cover picture book A4 portrait model. The software is easy to download and you choose for a new project. Click on your choice and you will see the amount already. Mind you, these are prices with a standard number of pages, usually 24 which, of course, to expand its. Once you have taken the choice opens the program itself. You can later if you order the book goes more choices, such as paper type, which cover etc. So, and now begin. You can upload photos on the left and on the right side you'll see a lot of options, as a choice of templates, very much!! What I did notice is that if you want to make a larger photo album, there the choice of templates a lot less! And you no longer know how to start to a photo album, you just download my Ebook, all for free! "10 tips when making a photo album". Sign up to receive by email the Ebook. Super useful and read it before you start. Furthermore, the photo album, you can let off some steam in the program with texts, cliparts, backgrounds, masks, borders, colors, etc. Only they don't work with colors pipettes. You can also format templates and really easy "grouping". Save it and you can use them on other pages. What I found a bit annoying is that the program he said there a few times. So people, save your work regularly on, which applies to every program, I can't say it enough. Also dragging the photos is not too smooth. You can edit the picture, right click. You can also edit the transparency, photo flip, edges, colors. You can really live it up, plenty of choice. So look really even in the case of the "edges" there is an awful lot of choice for the picture to a different look. This I also have in my book. Furthermore, the program also whether the resolution of the photo is good. What I also like is that you on the site of the photo factory State a price calculator, you can specify how the book should look like and what the price then. I would recommend to do this though because for many options you have to pay extra.

Photo book is ready

The book I received within a week on my home address. You get a video on your mail in which they mention that they are busy with your book and you'll see the cover of your book on the video, funny. Now I have to take a critical look at the book and review it. I have to say that I am surprised by the beautiful colors. I had chosen a standard cover and standard paper. The cover is pretty solid, it creaks a bit if you read him but that's not bothersome. I do have my reservations about what the photo paper is concerned, it's not really wrong but it wouldn't be my first choice. The white bracts are also thick photo paper, just not printed. The next time I go anyway for other photo paper in the photo book. Premium Satin I think, but there you need something more to pay for it. Also for "surface-flush" should you pay extra. But again, the colors are really beautiful and the photo book is neatly finished. So all in all I am satisfied as to the quality/price ratio. If I still have a photo book go order from the photo factory? Yes for sure, but look carefully which choice you make some photo paper.

Good luck! Greetings, Karin

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